Ramen Set 16P

CHF 136.00
Net Weight: 3805 g

The set contains the following products (with Tantan Miso and Vegi Ramen recipe):

Ryorishu 400ml, Mirin 400ml, Miso Paste 325g, Usukuchi Shoyu 300ml, Sesame oil 340g, Suri goma light 85g, Tenmenjyan 100g, Toubanjan 60g, Sesame paste light 150g, Shichimi 35g, Rayu 110g, Chuka Dashi 40g, Ramen 2 portions, Menma 100g, Cut Wakame 20g, Beni Shoga 60g.

The picture is an example.

Please contact us regarding allergies or ingredients.

Made in Japan.

Store away from light, in a cool and dry place.

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