Stepping into Nishi, you will find yourself inspired by an encounter with an authentic Japanese experience. Since its establishment in Zurich in 1980, we have been pioneers in continuously introducing the allure of 食文化 Shoku Bunka - the Japanese food culture. Striving to keep up with the times, we work closely with our counterparts in Japan and have shifted our focus to quality foods and well as offering a selection of 和 Wa modern crafts.

Enjoy the harmonic combination of our hand-selected EAT and LIVE products MADE IN JAPAN.


Delicious food is of the utmost importance to us. Not only do we enjoy the experience of eating it, but we have also been cooking for our guests at our Bimi restaurant since 2004, where we offer authentic Japanese cuisine with a modern twist. We opened Bimi to show-case Japanese ingredients sold at our Nishi Shop and to pass on the Japanese style of life. We continuously strive to feature the finest ingredients and serve our dishes with a suitable sake or Japanese wine and so offer our customers a unique Japanese experience.